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         Upon arrival at the job we will explain the cleaning procedure and answer any questions you may have Before We Begin!

         On average it takes about 3-4 hours for the whole cleaning process.

         Access openings will be cut into the air ducts, both on the supply side and the return side of the system.

         Supply side of the air duct system will be isolated from the return side.

         All registers (hot and cold) will be prepared by covering them with paper.

         Compressed air (175 p.s.i.) will be used for cleaning the air ducts from the register down to the furnace.

         Either a forward air sweep or a reverse air sweep will be used to clean individual supply lines and the main trunk line.

         Once completed, all access openings will be sealed with 1-inch plugs or sheet metal panels.

         A sticker will be applied near the furnace to indicate when the cleaning was done.