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Attention Allergy Sufferers
Did you know... mold, dust, carpet nap, pollen, pet hair, clothing fiber, etc. can all make their way into your heating and ventilation system.
You may alleviate some of your sneezing and breathing symptoms by having your air ducts cleaned out.  Depending on the age of your house there could be years of dust and debris buildup in the system.  It most likely would not cause any allergies but it could make them worse.

Having your ducts cleaned will:

   Help relieve allergy suffering

   Reduce your overall housecleaning time

   Remove dust which creates a home for microscopic organisms called dust mites

   Remove dust balls, old plaster, wood chips, toys, drywall dust, etc.

   Provide a cleaner living environment

   Eliminate possible health hazards

   Reduce breakdowns and maintenance costs of your heating and cooling equipment

   Reduce your overall heating and cooling costs by improving the overall air distribution in the home

Along with the air duct cleaning,
home owners should also remember
to change and/or clean the furnace filters
on at least a monthly schedule or more.
Not just once a year.